Foveon or organic sensor for Sony cameras?

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Foveon or organic sensor for Sony cameras?

I know that Sony is leading both the sensor and camera industry quite well but I wonder if they have a plan for the future?

Fuji and Panasonic are developing an organic sensor and Sigma preparing a Foveon sensor for their cameras I found those new sensors to be interesting.

Foveon sensor

Sigma already made several cameras with Foveon sensor. The biggest advantages are...

1. 100% color reproduction.

2. resolution

The first advantage is quite obvious.

100% RGB on each layer unlike Bayer type sensor

The second advantage is possible

A Foveon crop sensor with 15mp is quite identical to 40mp crop medium format sensor. How amazing is it? Simply you get much higher resolution at the same pixel size.

Well, there are few issues such as...

1. Processing speed.

2. Terrible low light quality

3. Bad DR and ISO.

The readout speed is 3 times slower than current cameras because of 3 layers. And in a low light situation, light is not powerful enough to penetrate green and red layers which give a bad quality of images. Both DR and ISO quality are also bad.

For Foveon sensor, Sony is also working on it. I just wonder WHEN??

Organic sensor

Both Fuji and Panasonic are working on this new type of sensor and they already start developing for the video camera.

Advantages are...

1. Electronic ND filter

2. Global shutter

3. Better DR

So far, I couldn't find any issues with this sensor and if they make it for their cameras, Sony may need to develop a new type of sensor.

The question is will Sony develop and show us a new type of sensor to compete with Foveon and organic sensor?

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