Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

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Re: Canon 70-300 mm IS USM II on Canon 80D

f/8 'viewfinder' AF may not work or low contrast at f/8.

but f/8 AF may work and a recent mag. article i read about all non pro canon dslrs also indicated f/8 possible for 80D and 7DII (iirc).

i think it is likely lens dependent as well.

but then not many f/8 base lens around so ????

see pg 131 manual.


benjilafouine wrote:

Canon is not supposed to be able to autofocus at apertures slower than f5.6 although I have read about a few cheats. At f8 you may be just out of luck.

Example: with my 70-200 f2.8, I lose two stops when using my 2x teleconverter. At f5.6, this is supported by Canon.

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