Need advice on switching from Nikon to Fuji

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Need advice on switching from Nikon to Fuji

I've been pondering on the issue of switching to Fuji for quite some time now. It's been always in the wish list since I'm a photojournalist in a third world country, the exchange rate and the usual bla bla.

Now, finally, last year I got like a little more than a thousand dollars to invest. It's not much, and the best deal was staying in Nikon and buying a D7500 to go along my trusty old D700. The logic behind was that I would use the FX body for wide angle and the DX for tele and action/sports.

The logic was OK, but it turns out it doesn't work, I definitely don't like the D7500. It's an OK camera, but I find myself more using the D700, it's the camera I'll pick anytime if I have to choose.

So, I decided it's a good time to think about jumping ship. The camera I'd like, the D850, is out of reach, too expensive, too heavy.

So, and forgive me the rather lengthy introduction, I decided on selling the D7500, perhaps a flash and a couple of lenses, and while keeping some Nikon equipment for the moment, buy a Fuji X camera.

Now, while I'd love to go for the XT-2, I think the budget will get me more like a XT-1

Anyone with experience with this particular two models? Does someone use Nikon F to Fuji X adapters? I've been told there's a two stop loss, but I don't find any info on that one, and it seems like crazy to me.

While the plan is to eventually have only Fuji, it may take some time, The idea is to buy the best I can with the sale of the D7500, try the system, see if it works for me and then go for it.

I know the AF will not be the same, but I don't do sports. The EVF I tried and I think it's great, I love the focus peaking. I also know i won't be able to shoot 4K video, but the D7500 video implementation isn't something to write home about.

Yet, to be fully decided I'd love to have some opinions, and will thank any advice on the subject.

Best regards from Argentina,


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