Topaz DeNoise AI results

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Topaz DeNoise AI results

Time for a new thread on results.

I took a photo recently at Old Tucson of an "actor" inside a bar, artificial lights.

Canon 80D, my walk around Tamron lens, raw, f/6.3, IO 16000. Should have pretty decent DOF with this.

I would like to do noise reduction first, so I dragged the raw into an open DN-AI window along with the meta data side car. Goal - a shot looking like it was shot at ISO 100. No added rating or color tab came over, so side car was ignored.

I processed at 70 NR, 50 sharpen, 25 detail.

I imported the dng into LR. I set the white balance after the fact on the bottle just under the N. They should be the same; or at least very close. Then I kept the capture sharpening that LR applies.

I use LR Classic, and here are some screen shots comparing the results:

Compare dng and raw "as is"

As is : note the dng is darker. NR looks good.

Note the meta data on the type of lens was lost. The rest seemed to be fine.

Run Auto tone on both

I ran auto tone with LR on both. Both had neg contrast which I will fix later. LR increased exposure on the dng, decreased it on the raw.

Compare eye and hair

Compare eye , hair, and skin. Looking good.

Compare text on bottle

Text on bottle looks good.

Structure on back wall

Structure on back wall looks good.

Overall - I am happy with the dng I got from DN-AI, which I can process further to taste. I will adjust clarity, contrast, and sharpen with Detail.

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