G85 plus Pana Leica 100-400 ... shutter shock with mechanical shutter

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Re: G85 plus Pana Leica 100-400 ... shutter shock with mechanical shutter

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Sorry to insist along the same theme, but were you then shooting from inside through the open window? I've seen that cause blur just from the turbulence of warm inside air mixing with cooler outside air.

I had shot some through a window, and then I shot some through open air (window opened). Same results.

That's it then, you got air turbulence from shooting from inside through the opened window.

Just out of curiosity, is it turbulence or the difference in density due to temperature differences?

Turbulence alone is not a problem. The basic phenomena is caused by variations in air temperature/density. In most cases when warmer air meets colder air, process called natural convection is occurring. In the process, lighter warm air goes up. The warmer air is then replaced by colder air above, and this causes turbulence. Also if the air flow is fast enough, the flow becomes turbulent (instead of a laminar flow). Therefore, variation in air temperate/density itself causes turbulence.

If there were no turbulence at all, I believe there would be systematic bending of light, causing (semi-)systematic aberrations in the images. An example of temperature differences of air possibly affecting the photos, without turbulence having role in it, would be astrophotography during inversion (open sky at night). However, actually, I don't know if there is an issue in these conditions.

In conclusion, I would say that air density is the primary reason, but turbulence enhances the problem.

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