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Jay OC wrote:

Dave in Wales wrote:

Just acquired my first Leica, a shiny new CL.

Anyone know of a menu cheat sheet giving recommended setting for the novice.

I really do not know of one. I would recommend that the first thing you do is to set the default user profile to the way you will most often shoot photos. This would include your preferred ISO setting, file format (DNG, JPG, DNG+JPG). Once you do that you can use it as the basis for other profiles. For example, if you want to do some custom adjustments for the jpg color settings, you could increase some of the settings to your taste. Or if you want a B&W profile, you could easily set it and include an adjustment to the EV at the same time.

My CL is set up where the default is ISO 100, Aperture priority and DNG format. I have the right wheel set so that when I push the center button, I can change ISO. If I don's press the button, the right wheel adjusts the aperture. The electronic view finder shows the histogram, grid lines and artificial horizon plus the information bars at the top and bottom. These settings are all part of my default profile. I have used it to create a B&W profile and a manual exposure profile.

The camera is very intuitive once you learn the menu system. Until then, you will get a bit frustrated. All the same, the camera is a joy to use. I have never regretted buying mine.

Very many thanks, you may be interested in a thread I posted on Talkphotography.....

My new CL The bug has well and truly bitten, the Leica bug that is. Just returned from the Botanic Garden of Wales, where we are members, with the CL card containing 75 images. All I can say is.... it's a dream and a shear pleasure to use with the 18-56. Ha....who needs IBIS. On a normal garden visit I would usually have nabbed about a quarter of that number with my Oly gear....there's just something about the CL, as previously's a dream......loving the range finder style and a EVF I can actually use with specs. I shot jpgs in vivid, and RAW, the quality of the SOOC jpgs is amazing, and the vivid is beautiful. I'm truly over the moon, so much so so that I have arranged to PX 'all' my Oly gear for the Leica 55-135 and a few quid in cash, paid into my bank. DPD collect the Oly gear on of charge. I know it's not the most profitable way to shift gear, but as SWIMBO pointed out, it gets rid of it all in one go with no haggling and postage problems. Some pics to follow, when I've come down that is. Suppose it's like a RR really, does the same as a Fiat....but disrespect to Fiat owners.

Most importantly I throughly enjoyed it.

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