Need some Topaz DeNoise AI help

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Re: Need some Topaz DeNoise AI help

brucet wrote:

OK I've hit a bump in the road with AI.

I convert my Nikon D7100 nef's into 16bit tiffs in NX-D. Then use those tiffs in Photomatix. 3 shot brackets. Have used the same work flow for years.

So along comes AI. I take those tiffs and run them through AI using the default settings. My tiffs go from 136 meg to 164meg AI tiffs. Results in AI are good if some what a slow process.

Now I load the 3 shot bracket into Photomatix. I get a very very poor result from Photomatix. AI is doing something to the tiffs. (I've tried various other combinations and always the AI tiffs fail in Photomatix).

So can some please run a 3 shot bracket of AI tiffs through Photomatix and see if they also get problems.


Have you tried the 1.02 update? it might solve some problems.

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