10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

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Re: 10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

KCook wrote:

..but is it 'Street' ..if you take a photograph of something you wanted. I would have thought the blokes on this forum take photos of something that comes as a surprise to them

We all want or are looking for something Ant and its always a surprise when it does come, that`s the magic of SP, its not like planning or portrait shoot or heading off into some other controlled environment where we set the pace.

I sometimes start off with a particular street technique in mind. Pre-selected the camera and lens to help with that. Yes, abject failure is a possibility, we cannot command our subjects. But there is a bit of planning, so not a total surprise. It is success that is the surprise. At least for this novice.


Every time i go out with preconceived plans i rarely if ever get that type of shot

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