SL2 or M50 for Video and Travel (to Complement 6D)?

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Re: A few questions

MMACory wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Why are you specifically looking for 24fps?

Why don't you want to shoot 4k?

Is this camera for shooting photos while travelling and video when not travelling, or is it for shooting travel videos?

What are your trying to accomplish with your video shooting (family events, youtube, commercial production)?

They say that 24 fps is that nice "theatrical" quality, but now that you mention it I'm not sure who "they" are.

4K, from what I understand, is a lot of size, but maybe that's OK and maybe I'll give that a whirl.

100% photos while traveling/no video and video for my upcoming YouTube Channel. So my big thing is a pivoting LCD and DPAF. I actually like not having a pivoting LCD on my original 6D (for pics).

If you just leave it in place it doesn't turn.

The good thing about turning the other way around is your screen is protected while traveling.

For video the pivoting screen isn't always necessary. It's possible to connect an external monitor too for studio purposes. My 70D and M50 can both be connected to my notebook with touchscreen, and with it's touchscreen i can see everything AND set everything like i can on the camera screen. You can even "focus manually" from that notebook. The only thing which can't be done is the zooming with a zoomlens.

If you want to be able to walk around AND see if your composition is right and the focus tracking is still fine a pivoting screen is necessary, as long as you don't want to carry a external monitor on the camera.

Also, as I become more familiar with video there's no telling where that may lead.


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