long life for m sIs true ystem

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Re: long life for m sIs true ystem

Photologging wrote:

Right now there is kind of an uncerntainty on the m system. Canon’s saying that the M will be around for a while doesn’t help.

If Canon’s actually saying that the M will be around for a while doesn’t help then probably nothing will help.

It’s true that that the 32mm 1.4 sounds like an effort to show their commitment with this system, but it is too isolated.

In the last three years Canon have brought out three EF-M lenses and two EF-S lenses. Right now they're concentrating on the RF mount cameras and lenses because that's where the money is. Having said that, the EF-M range is quite workable if you think it should comprise compact, inexpensive and quite good lenses. A rectilinear lens wider than the 11-22mm would be nice but I think there's a very limited market for one. It's missing a fisheye but the Samyang EF-M mount one is excellent and doesn't suffer from not being autofocus. It's missing a fast 15mm and a fast 50mm. The Samyang EF-M mount 50mm f/1.2 is at least as big as the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 on its adapter, heavier and more expensive even without autofocus. The price of the EF 50mm f/1.8 makes producing a fast EF-M 50mm very difficult for Canon to do. I would be very tempted by a fast 62mm but I'm not holding my breath there. For anything longer, an EF lens on the adapter probably makes more sense.

I’m afraid of buying a M camera because i dont know if i will get upgrades, in terms of lenses and cameras.

If you don't, you certainly won't. What upgrades do you think you will need?

In my opinion, with full frame mirrorless canon rp weighting 480 gr. there is no point in a rf mount aps-c camera, Apart for the extra reach of lenses.

I agree with you there, with the possible exception of an APS-C action-type camera. There's no point in RF mount APS-C lenses when Canon already make EF-S and EF-M lenses.

M system is the only one that can offer a truly compact camera, something that it’s appreciated by many of us. But now we see that the m50 weighs almost the same as the new RP.

Resuming: canon should make clear their commitment with M systems by releasing more more high quality lenses, and smaller prosumer cameras

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