10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

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Re: 10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

KCook wrote:

You can still get them.


I really quite like the idea of the wet plate process for studio shots

I truly am lazy. If I did get an itch to "do it all in the camera", old school, the closest I would come is a return to Polaroid. Come to think of it, I still have a Polaroid camera.


yea but like you were saying ..you work different depending.

Glass Kelly ..have you ever used it.

Am so tempted ..really tempted ..glass negatives would be so beautiful.Tell you what I'll do it ..then pester you to do it too.

Glass negatives ..there is someone doing them in 35mm

what speed is a glass plate ..must go look (cannot stop myself)

omg ..holidays are so expensive


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