Fuji 10-24 Lens Performance Expectations

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Re: Fuji 10-24 Lens Performance Expectations

I tested the second sample of the 10-24 lens on a mounted tripod. It's decentered on the right side at all focal lengths and apertures. It also has a permenant strip of unsharpness on the lower left side at f4-f8 due to fluctuations in the glass grinding process. This is apparent with grass. That is not good! Wow, the first was decentered on the top half.

I'm going to exchange it for a third copy. If that's bad too, I'm sending back the entire Fuji X-T3 system. It's very unfortunate since I really like the Fuji colors over my Canon and Nikon FF. The jpegs look processed, but then again, it can pass for a finished product without having to change much the jpeg file.

There must be a bad production batch reminiscent of my Canon 24-105/4L lens circa 2005. Calumet at the time told me to wait 6 months to skip a few thousand serial numbers, and I reordered a 3rd sample of the 24-105/4L - it was flawless, even to this day! Well, I can't wait that long since the sale is gone and time is running out with only one exchange cycle left...

Going into it, I thought I'd have problems with the 55-200, not the 10-24. The 55-200 is spectacular, and perhaps the most underated lens in the entire line up based on what I've witnessed so far. Very slight fall off wide open with barely perceptible softness - nothing like the weaker 10-24 lens. The vignetting improves and corners improve perceptibly after stopping down one f-stop

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