2300 New Digital Camera Models 1998 to 2017 & 37 to 122 Million Units

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2300 New Digital Camera Models 1998 to 2017 & 37 to 122 Million Units

Today's headline: 'Canon is planning to lower its profit forecasts for the 2019 fiscal year by 20 percent'.

Note the charts below, new digital models and units produced were just nuts, the camera companies were use to models lasting 3 to 6+ years, but with digital, models only lasted 4 to 6 months!

Digital Technology was changing so fast the first few years that 100's of thousands of compact cameras were dumped as they were outdated before shipping. The camera companies use to make film handling, mechanical cameras; digital was mostly electronic, so they had to purchase from the electronic companies instead of making their own stuff.

They were profitable from the 1960's through the 1990's shipping only 5 million in the early 70's to 37 million film cameras in 98, then digital took off with over 122 million cameras shipped in 2010, new models came out & sold at just over cost as suppliers and dealers did not want to get stuck with them. The last few years as sales have dropped off, models are sticking around for 3+ years, pricing is stable and the camera companies are making money.

Nikon got dumped on for not making more D850's, well they are very happy selling every unit and making money on it, why risk increasing production just to be overstocked on a model in 6+ months, or to be surprised by a Canon or Sony that out performed it.

That sales jump from 2006 to 2010 was just bad, no company could project what to do, it was a win for consumers as cameras were sold near cost just to get rid of them as the newest model was on its way.

Let it get back to 25 to 35 million units a year, the camera companies can live with that and show a profit.

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