10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

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Re: 10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

Paulmorgan wrote:

MatMayer wrote:

Both good lists. Not sure about #8 on the first one. I like the no mistakes rules, that failing is just learning.

Just learned 2 photo lessons myself from this video, so thought I would share: 1. Have 3+ things in a photo. 2. When people are hanging around wait for a gesture

Going to go over some photos tomorrow and find ones with 3 things. Should help when deciding whether to cull too. Never considered counting how many things are in a scene before (people, connections, objects, stories etc...)

I sometimes wait for transactions between people but should also start waiting for gestures. John Free has a nice way about him, would like to do one of his workshops to help rise above mostly boring and mediocre photos.

I find myself doing a lot of this but more at a sub subconscious level or from the heart and gut, much like this, I think we all do a bit of it (2.50)

Gesture`s, yes I use them a lot, love them, sometimes include myself as well to be fully there Matt, its not all just candid.

..but is it 'Street' ..if you take a photograph of something you wanted. I would have thought the blokes on this forum take photos of something that comes as a surprise to them

You have said for a long time, you are not into categories, all photography is just photography. Except this forum is Documentary & Street ..and everyone already knows Documentary does not mean cats.

So 'Street' means something else ..

I saw a 'Street' forum disappear once ..was the worst thing I ever saw. They turned on the owner/street-photographer of the site ..he was very-very creative too, and the members acted like baboons (because street was nothing and easy to do I guess) ...and then '(Poof)' ..suddenly just like that it was all gone, and the ones that didn't do 'Street' turned it into something else.

imagine seeing that mate ..I was shocked (lol).

cleaned up my mamiya Paul, I said 4.5 kilograms the other day in a post but I attached a macro lens and a 2x extension last night and that was a serious addition ..whats ya think mate ..just over 6 kg in the street. I'm boggling at the thought but like an idiot I want to find out. I honestly hope I get something nice, might be a year before I even get to press the shutter button. It goes KEER_LUNK (not not sexy mate).
Man this thing is heavy ..I might have made a mistake. (lol)


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