Oly 12mm f2 manual focus

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Englishman in France Senior Member • Posts: 1,321
They could add it as a firmware if they wanted

This is a deliberate decision by Olympus.  They have chosen to not implement this feature in their bodies for the 12mm F2 and 17mm F1.7 lenses with the manual focus clutch.  I think this is a mistake on their behalf.  I wonder if their pro series of prime lenses behave the same way or whether they want to differentiate between two lens lines.  Panasonic is more open minded.

I have a similar gripe with Olympus about deliberately not implementing the aperture ring function the panasonic  15mm. Again, it is very short sighted. One would think that Olympus has too many customers the way they behave sometimes.

OK, rant over.

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