Panasonic Pocket Camera,...ZS70, 80, Other?

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Re: Panasonic Pocket Camera,...ZS70, 80, Other?

GeraldW wrote:


As to lack of photo style adjustments. I knew about that, but even in the models that have the adjustments, you still cannot fine tune the color in AWB. The 1" sensor ZS models have AWB fine tune; but not on the small sensor models.

The ZS50 has pretty good color in AWB, so not a big problem for me. The lack of sharpening settings can be taken care of by using iResolution.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand Panasonic's position on in-camera adjustments. The FZ series have a full range of settings for sharpening, saturation, contrast, and noise reduction, and they provide fine tuning for AWB. But in the ZS/TZ travel zoom models they have gone back and forth with having settings for sharpening, saturation, contrast and noise reduction. They didn't have them on the ZS3, but the ZS7 did. The ZS10-50 didn't; but then the ZS60 and later do have them. It's like the design team for the ZS/TZ series are bi-polar.

Due to the various items you mentioned above, and (IMHO/ DPR's) the overall poor in-camera JPG noise reduction is why I (and others) shoot mainly RAW.

Another item is it's interesting that DxO Optics Pro/ Dxo PhotoLab's lens correction profiles are superior to Panasonic's in-camera lens corrections.

As to ZS50, at least with mine, for just shooting JPG's found the 'Scenery' generally provides the best results as to sharpness, contrast, and vivid colors. In the image's EXIF it shows "Landscape" not "Scenery".

Left: ZS50 P Mode, Default settings  — • —  Right: ZS50 Scenery Mode


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