Panasonic Pocket Camera,...ZS70, 80, Other?

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Re: Panasonic Pocket Camera,...ZS70, 80, Other?

Setter Dog wrote:

Hi Folks,

I thought I was finally getting satisfactory results from my ZS200,....wrong. JPEGs are okay at short focal lengths, but totally unsatisfactory at 360mm, particularly on birds,...simply no detail.

I thought I was maybe expecting too much from a 1" sensor, ...

Not the sensor, but the lens in front of the sensor.

How do think a ZS70, ZS80, etc. 1/2.3" sensor that has 4X smaller would do better than a i"-Type sensor?

Yes the 1/2.3" sensor 'can' provide very good IQ in good lighting at base ISO. I own/ owned several 1/2.3" sensor cameras over the years.

As those who replied in your "Pocket Camera Advice Needed,.... ZS200, Sony?, or Other " if the ZS200 is like the ZS100 I have the OOC IQ not all that good.

IQ can be improved via tweaking in-camera JPG settings AND some post processing.

IMHO to get the 'optimum' IQ from the ZS100's (or the FZ1000's) lens/ sensor best to shoot RAW.

RAW ZS100 250mm EFL @ 800 ISO; 10MP

.... so this morning I compared the ZS200 to an FZ300, with a smaller sensor. At 360mm, the smaller sensor was simply sharper. ...

No big surprise there as most long focal zoom range lenses (even DSLR's lenses) are soft at their longest focal length. For a more 'equal' comparison should have shot the ZS200 at 216mm EFL (i.e., be close to the FZ200 600mm EFL @ 360mm EFL)

... I don't buy cameras without forum input and wonder if the ZS80 might be my best choice. ...

May very well be the best 'compromise' choice for your needs; i.e., long zoom range in a small size.

All depends on your IQ priority, how you intend on using the images, and mainly take pics in good daylight conditions to offset the small max apertures at tele focal lengths.

The item to note when viewing the various posted ZS60 - ZS80 images, image size are quite small (around 1,244px × 829px).

Personally I want good IQ from a camera at 5MP resolution size minimum.


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