..what on earth are you doing ?? 👀

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..what on earth are you doing ?? 👀

Do you ever get asked ..what on earth are you doing ?? 👀

Am thinking of the times something like this was said to me in the street.

Once, a woman almost seemed to burst out of the crowd, angrily she said (her nose went red and puffy) what on earth do you take our photo for.
What do you do with them? she asked (lol)

I think I said something about people being beautiful ..and maybe it was because I wasn't pointing at her when I said it or maybe she thought my answer was bad enough to not ask any more ..but either way it worked.

Another was a lass that had drunk too much (and I didn't know till she shirt-fronted me and was close enough I could smell her breath) ..and then suddenly she twirled about and darted back into the train-station to get her friends.
..that was interesting, I thought as I watched her run off.
I wonder what is going to happen ..I thought next

Another time was a grinning mate that likes to go fishing. He said at the very least he gets a fish and I thought it was a good question as we stood at the fish & chip shop counter and ordered hamburgers with the lot ..and mine with pineapple after a long hunger and morning in his boat.

And like most of us I have had hands in front of faces in photos, but only because I was too slow (manual focus lenses ..and once you commit you are locked on) to not take it

I did make a mistake once though, with my beautiful people reply that I often use ..a really nice lass in a bright sunny face and a flower-pot hat asked me.
And I replied and was a bit tongue-tied when I said. ..Its ok I only photograph beautiful people. And realized afterward that I hadn't taken her photograph.

I have had other experiences too, once a huge man bear-hugged me. Lifted me off the pavement kind of hug. He worked at a bank which made it more special ..and broke my back and stereotype of bank people forever and now i never frown at them ..or slouch.

I have walked people home in the dark, talked about how they miss their Dad's (lol) and I have talked to heaps of kids about what they want to be ..that often tell me fibs about how they have just become Navy helicopter pilot trainees or somesuch. But they are having fun ..and is nice to dream with a stranger and be someone else ..as I pretend to be a photographer.

Do you have a photo, ..or your own story (or both) about a person that did not like your lens so much.


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