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PeterGuyton.com wrote:

bodensee wrote:

Just an update. It will copy, great, five days apparently (not great) and it's beeping the whole time ( absolutely not great) and I cannot stop it beeping. Five days of this and I may go completely mad.

Beep beep beep beep roughly every second.

Trying to help here. My primary concern for you is trying to preserve your data.

Getting a backup of that array is a good thing, beep or no beep. But I have a lot of questions.....

The beep is , I assume, from the RAID, right? If I understand correctly, it's beeping because of the bad drive.

So the array has 5 drives (not four as I originally guessed), can you confirm they are all 1TB drives and that it is in fact RAID 5? or is that something you are not sure of?

Five days to copy is quite slow... Does it still say that or has the estimate dropped substantially now that the copy is fully underway?

I assume you have just under 4tb of data, can you confirm? (e.g right click on the drive and "get info"). There is a bottleneck somewhere (perhaps the old RAID enclosure is USB 2.0?).

The destination for the copy, what type of drive is that? Not sure what you got. My guess is that it's a USB 3.x drive and that the bottleneck is the old RAID enclosure.

One more question, do you have a TimeMachine backup of your setup that you didn't mention?

Please accept my apologies, I've been out a lot this week and missed this completely. Many thanks for your detailed reply.

5x 1TB drives yes. I'm sure but not certain, Typical, that it is a RAID 5. I left it for three hours and it kept going up.

Yes I think the RAID drive is USB 2 and yes quite a bit under 4TB, about 3.3TB. Yes the destination is USB3.

I do have a Time machine back up but only for the main HD, not for external HDs which I do manually about once a month.

Once again thanks.

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