10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

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Re: 10 Rules for Nurturing Creativity

MatMayer wrote:

Both good lists. Not sure about #8 on the first one. I like the no mistakes rules, that failing is just learning.

Just learned 2 photo lessons myself from this video, so thought I would share: 1. Have 3+ things in a photo. 2. When people are hanging around wait for a gesture

Going to go over some photos tomorrow and find ones with 3 things. Should help when deciding whether to cull too. Never considered counting how many things are in a scene before (people, connections, objects, stories etc...)

I sometimes wait for transactions between people but should also start waiting for gestures. John Free has a nice way about him, would like to do one of his workshops to help rise above mostly boring and mediocre photos.

me again ..gee I dislike hate gesture(alone) pics ..they are like the way 85mm bokeh pics and too much coffee make you woozy and weary.

I'll give you a hint Mat ..Street is art photography, not documentary.

If you are going to do gestures then you are travelling in the wrong direction. You are looking at what is in the photograph ..instead of the photograph itself. And you are forcing it. You are pushing it too hard, you are making decisions that mean the photographs you are not seeing (because your focus is blindly intent on a thing, instead of everything) ..and so the photographs that could be great discoveries ..are not being taken. It is the same as some lives that are entirely made of decisions and none of them work out as well as the owner of them had 'dreamed'.

Of course a gesture will happen some day and you will take a photo and it will be good. But to talk in such absolute terms (like counting things in a scene) ..is so limiting and so controlling.

The photograph, ..that square or rectangular bit of paper ..is the thing, and not the content of it. and not the cool looking dude on a motorcycle ..which as it happens is a segway to a story about a guy that rushes into a Street Forum...

He said he hated Street Photography and disappeared again. It happened on the fredmiranda site. I didn't say anything(surprise), instead I visited his gallery, and it was all photographs of motorcycles, and badly taken because it turned out, he loved motorcycles and not photography.

Take it as you think I said ..and understand too that my determination to keep this a Street Photography forum and not an annex for travel photographers is for a bloody reason.

There are not that many Street Photographers here, and outside the forum there are a lots of gear loving camera owners. I love cameras too but there are more of those than photographers, and their numbers are falling not rising.

It is so stupidly easy to take a photo, it is a pointy finger that presses a button. But Street Photography is hard to do ..and for a reason.

I asked someone here once, why don't they take Street Photographs ..the person replied (it is in the forum) that if they did Street, they would never get to take a photograph.

So they don't do Street  ..and they are the one not happy.


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