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Yannis1976 wrote:

...a tilt screen and WR capabilities? I consider the tilt screen a must for an RF body and I really wonder why Fuji is leaving that feature in ALL other bodies but the XE series. Any ideas?

My guess would be size and weight.   At just 331g, the X-E3 is the lightest X-mount camera, even lighter than the no-EVF models like the all plastic X-A5 (361g).  I think of the X-E series kind of like Fuji's version of the Panasonic GM5 or LX100-series.  A hinge adds some bulk and weight.  Tilt hinge+EVF and the weight goes up X-T30 (383g).  Add-in a fully articulating screen like on the X-T100 (448g) and even more weight.  So size, weight, and product differentiation?

I too wouldn't mind a tilt-screen on the X-E series.  I just hope they can keep the overall package as small as the current in the next iteration... the X-E5?  (I'm going to guess they skip the X-E4 name).   Actually, I would think weather sealing on a fixed screen camera would be easier than on one with a tilt-screen, but I doubt we'll see it on the X-E (or the tilt screen... if they even bring out a replacement for the X-E3)

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