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Re: R vs RP After 100+ Shots - any dust issues?

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Hi Noogy,

Did you experience any dust issues with one or the other? If you compare it to DSLRs, anything worth mentioning?

I still have a 5DII and never had any real issues with dust. Twice a year the sensor is cleaned by CPS and usually that's it. I'm of course very carefully when changing lenses.


I've experienced dust and oil issues with DSLRs in the past. Yes they can be cleaned.

The EOS R protects the sensor with a curtain type of cover once the camera is powered down which is when its lens should be replaced anyway. The RP doesn't have this feature.

So far I haven't seen any dust settling in any of these two bodies I own. I have been using my 5DMIV less and less. It's likely going into the pre-owned market soon. In terms of build quality the DSLR has the heft and weight. My muscle memory equates that to a sense of durability. Is it necessarily going to endure more beating than the R or RP before it gives in? I think so. That said, the R is solidly built and feels robust in the hands. The RP is lighter and smaller but it does feel sturdy as well.

this is a bit of a red herring

I have shot with mirrorless for years and, if you change lens carefully, you will rarely get dust on the sensor

if you do, a light touch air gun at a distance. Anything more persistance, use one of the good wet cleaning kits. I use visible dust. Or, if you are nervous, take to a shop for cleaning.

Saying all this, I think I have roughly an issue with a tiny piece of dust once every two years ...

The only sensor I've had to clean this year was - my EOS R. We had a new carpet, and it got a carpet fibre on there. Took me longer to find my Visible Dust kit than to use it - I didn't use it at all last year. In fact that's the first time I've had to do anything other than the camera's self-clean on any mirrorless camera, and it's been a pretty rare occurrence since I got rid of my original 5D - which attracted dust like nothing else.
I'm pretty sure whichever system camera I had used at that point would have got the fibre on, and being statically charged, would have been just as stubborn in resistance to self-cleaning.
I'm happier with the shutter as protection against sensor burn from the sun when walking around with the camera than as a real dust protector, and I don't think that's a very serious risk, either.

Only if you take the lens off while the R is on, there can get something on your sensor.

But when it,s off , like reconmended by Canon not a chance …

Wrong, because I only changed the lens with the camera off. The carpet fibre clearly got inside the camera when i changed lenses, and was electrostatically attracted to the sensor cover filter once the sensor was switched on and the shutter opened. Having the sensor powered down is probably more protection against dust than the shutter is, and that's why I turn it off. It's a theoretical downside to mirrorless cameras compared to DSLRs, but it was a bit of a fluke and I don't think it's a real practical problem.

There is no need to be agrivated… i don,t mean you do something wrong.

The protection is for dust , but it will keep stuff( other then static carpet fibers) off.

I think there is little chance off that happening often to many people

And some protection is better then none , wouldn,t you say ?

Sorry, not remotely aggrieved, I was simply pointing out the facts. Like I said, I don't think it's a real practical problem - and cleaning isn't exactly tricky anyway.
I'm not particularly convinced either way about the value of the protection, if I'm honest - but neither do I care much either.

No problem , but i have to say yours is the only negative post about something

Most people are very positive about….

Negative? I'm not against it. I'm just pointing out it's not a guarantee of no dust on the sensor, as it can get in to the camera body, and then move to the sensor - I think if people are aware of that possibility, they're less likely to go beserk if it does happen to them.

Sure, there are no guarantee,s in live.

But as i said earlier , any protection is welcome and better than none..

let,s agree to disagree

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