How to ETTR in EOS R?

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Re: How to ETTR in EOS R?

Peak freak wrote:

Rock and Rollei wrote:

PMUK wrote:

Personally, I prefer to get as close to the correct exposure as I can, rather than consciously Exposing To The Right. I know this technique can yield good results, but it’s not for me. (I apply exposure compensation as required based on histogram/ subject/ background etc..).


Personally, I think this is by far the best way of getting good results with the R (and indeed most Canon sensors). Use the dynamic range the sensor does have as effectively as possible across the whole range of tones you want to depict. It's not always a catastrophe if highlights burn out - sometimes that's either more realistic, or more aesthetically pleasing. Certainly not every time - just be aware at the point of shooting what you want to achieve. I think Ansel Adams was often way OTT with his language and theories, but "previsualisation" (horrible term!) and exposing in a similar way to the Zone system - ensuring that you're exposing for how you want to show the picture - are just as valid today as they were in his day.
They also make post a lot easier...

If I am understanding you correctly, I don't agree. With digital it is important to expose scenes to the right and pull them back in post, even if it doesn't look right in camera. It is not linear data capture. From memory, half your data is in the last segment. Not exposing to the right is wasting a lot of the cameras capability. Another way to look at it is: get as much light on the sensor, without clipping, as is possible.

This isn't as important for dark scenes, night scenes, dusk etc but if there are any highlights, get them in the right hand side of your histogram. [Just to confuse the issue, but in line with the topic, knowing when your camera actually clips, and for different scenes, is obviously important].

Hi Peak freak,

No, I don't think you're understanding me correctly. I think we (sort of) agree in that when I say 'I get try to get the correct exposure' I mean getting as much light in without clipping - or at least over clipping (sometimes I'll accept a degree of blinkies/ zebras, depending on the scene and I realise there are some occasions when extreme lighting conditions require the necessary settings to try and capture the subject, perhaps to the detriment of other detail).

However, I try to avoid deliberately pushing things hard into clipping in the belief recovery will be possible in post - and this is what I was trying to get across. (Having said that, I have had a few occasions where user-error led to this happening and some shots were saved).

Maybe I don't quite understand what ETTR means - I always associate it with hard clipping (i.e. ignoring zebras/ blinkies and exposing well into clipping).

If you agree with this, then I think we (basically) agree.


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