Years old discussions about internal drives

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Re: Years old discussions about internal drives

wklee wrote:

It’s not about storage capacity but the robustness of SATA connectors. I have had drive docks fail but they are a cheap way of putting internal hard disks outside for external use. I never had the SATA connections break but they could?

I don’t hear much the external drive docks now? Also static might be a concern.

With reasonable care, can't see why there would be a reliability issue, since the same SATA and Power connectors are used whether the HDD was in a caddy or mounted in the normal manner. The older style of removeable connector may have been a different matter, when PATA was the go.

The cooling fan in the caddy sometimes get noisy, and I can envisage this needing replacement eventually. The lock/switch should last forever.

I've used SATA drives in removeable bays for a long time with no reliability issues. At various stages, the removeable drive caddy held either the main data drive or a backup drive. I still have a legacy computer with a removeable bay and HDD caddy, but I haven't seen this type of thing in the shops for a few years, except for RAID setups.

External USB drives are popular these days, and have probably taken over from removeable bays. Most USB drives are small enough to sit unobtrusively either on the desk or on top of the computer case.

When using USB drives with my notebook computers, I fit a short a USB adapter to make the connection easier and to preserve the USB slot of the computer.

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