When will Fuji give Eterna to Xt2?

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Re: When will Fuji give Eterna to Xt2?

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Don't know why they're taking so long for this simple filter?

The simple answer is, never, and apparently it is not that simple a filter, especially as it is intended to be applied to video, but does work quite nicely for stills images.

Eterna requires the X-Processor 4 Quad Core image processing engine which currently only the X-H1, X-T3, & X-T30 use. The X-T2 uses the X-Processor Pro which is not capable of producing Eterna regardless of firmware update.

Do you have a source for anything you’ve said there about processor requirements? Unlike with Acros, Fuji have made no statements to that effect that I’ve seen. I’m not suggesting they’re going to do it, but in principle I can’t see any good reason why it can’t be done.

EDIT - looking again at your claim, where are you getting that the XH1 uses the same processor as the XT3 etc? It does not. It has the exact same older processor as the XT2.

Mea Culpa!

I made an assumption based on Eterna being available to the X-H1 which does indeed use the older X-Processor Pro found in the X-T2. So I guess it should be feasible for Fujifilm to port Eterna to the X-T2, and X-E3 via firmware update.

So the question remains; Why would Fujifilm not deliver Eterna to those X-Trans III cameras via firmware update?

I read an article that was posted on Fuji Rumors a few months after the release of the X-H1 with an interview of the head honcho, or one of them, at Fuji and he said they would give the X-T2 the Eterna film sim if more people asked for it. But at this point after the release of the X-T3/X-T30 I’m not holding my breath. I think that ship has sailed.

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