Leica SL: 7 things that should change for the SL2

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Leica SL: 7 things that should change for the SL2

NOTE: I'm not suggesting that Leica implement the features listed in this video exactly as do their Japanese competitors. By no means, no. The features I list could be done in a tasteful, Leica way that would also push forward the industry into better design. The four-way navigation plate is Leica's design and is amazing. The joystick is also theirs and was never a Leica thing. When they design, they think rather than merely implement or slap-dash instal. I'm sure they could implement every feature listed herein with taste and keep the SL intact.

Disclaimer: The SL2 in this video is mine. I bought it. Leica have no idea who I am. The SL is a fast, fantastic mirrorless camera whose best is practically the bee's knees. It has a few hiccups, which I intend to address in this video.

Want to know more about the SL? Hit up Leica: http://en.leica-camera.com/Photograph...

Two of my earliest videos for this channel were long, slogs through features and ergonomics. They had no plan. (Incidentally, neither still has this channel.) This video should be considered an concise addendum to them from the perspective of a long-time user. My previous Leica and Leica-related videos: -

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