Theater Performance Lighting

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Theater Performance Lighting

As a favor, I photograph dress rehearsals for a theater group.

I use my Canon 70D and a Canon 70-300L lens. A few photos are taken using a Canon 15-85 lens. I have an old but fairly powerful Canon 550EX flash.

I used to use the following setting in general: 1/320 sec, ISO6400 and wide open. In really dim conditions I would slow down to 1/250 , 1/200 or even 1/160 sec.

When lucky I could somtimes lower ISO to 5000 or even 4000 and shorten the shutter speed.

About a year ago the dramatic lighting used played havoc with the photos. So I decided to start using bounce flash off the ceiling of the theater.

About a month ago I shot the rehearsal for Chicago. This was my first attempt using bounce flash on a show of theirs. The good thing about bounce flash is that you have quite a bit of leeway of acceptability.

I used manual flash figuring using bounce flash with that reasonably high ceiling would almost never be too over-exposed. That's fine.

The advantages to this are that since I am using the flash at maximum power I was able to reduce the ISO to between 2400 and 3200 instead of 6400.

The disadvantages are that the fastest shutter speed I could use was 1/250 sec and in no time the batteries took quite a few seconds to to recharge the flash.

So this month I photographed Annie.

I decided to use High Speed Synch and shoot at 1/320 sec.

The advantages were faster shutter speed, the recharge time was quite a bit faster and the  the batteries lasted quite a bit longer until I had to change them. I suspected that the flash wasn't fully discharging which is good and bad.

During pre-show testing I quickly realized there was a cost to the advantages. I was getting less than half the flashes full power so i had to increase the ISO to 4000, 5000 and sometimes 6400.

In about a month or so they do their annual dance show. With all of the dance action I definitely want to shoot at 1/320 sec or maybe even some numbers at 1/400 sec.

Then I remembered that my daughter also has the same Canon 550EX flash which I borrowed to try.

I set both flash units to Manual Mode and High Speed Synch. I set the flash on my camera to Master and the one sitting on a table several feet from me to Slave and 1/2 power. The main reason I did this was to get the benefits of using an additional flash but I wanted to reduce the number of times I would have to change batteries. I set the bounce to a slightly forward angle of both flash units.

I used a shutter speed of 1/320 sec. When I took a picture both flash units fired.

Does anybody have any experience doing this type of thing, any comments on what I'm trying to do or any comments on what else I might try that would work better.



Canon EOS 70D
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