a7riii vs a7iii vs lenses - Question after using both cameras

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a7riii vs a7iii vs lenses - Question after using both cameras


I bought the a7iii and took it on a trip with me last week.  I rented the 16-35mm GM and brought my Zeiss 55mm 1.8.  The GM didn't leave my camera.

I absolutely love the a7iii.  It performed wonderfully, battery lasted forever, build felt solid and robust, pictures were wonderful, and the EVF and LCD performed great even in the bright sun.

I now realize how hard it is to pick/bring lenses for day travel.  I had a backpack with spare batteries, a mavic air + controller, the camera + GM + 55mm, and other travel things like sunscreen, and a towel strapped to the back.  The bag was packed full and heavy, but manageable.

Here's the thing... after loading the pictures on my computer I realize that I cropped more often than I would have thought.  Below are a few examples at 1:1.  I was using the GM at 35mm.  I understand this is NOT the ideal lens to use, but I had it on my camera and wasn't about to dig through my bag to get the 55mm. Also, I took a lot of pictures at 16mm so I did make use of the wide side of the lens.

The images below (if they weren't compressed too much when I uploaded here) are decent and fine for social media.  But there is minimal option for print, and computer wallpaper, etc.

So, I bought the a7Riii and tested it out when I got back.  The crop is better, but not SUBSTANTIALLY better in the shots I took.  The test pictures of my dog are also included below at just about 1:1 for both.  I realize the DoF should have been deeper to get more in focus, but it shows the difference in detail/crop amount at 1:1.

My question:
Does it make sense to get the Riii because I will be able to get a bit more crop out of the images, or should I instead try to use the right lenses to get the shots in as-close to full frame as possible?

No matter which camera I use, if I am cropping to 1:1 then the print/wallpaper size will be drastically reduced.  So I imagine the answer would be to use the right lens for the job (and get better at composing the right shots) to get as close to a full-frame image as possible... but I would really love to hear all of your thoughts.

When I travel, I like to take landscapes, astro (the 24mm 1.4 GM is on order), and portraits/ street photography.  I love bokeh so I prefer the wide primes, but after this trip I realize how versatile and efficient the zooms are... I may return the 55mm and buy the 16-35 GM and the 85mm 1.8 prime, but then owning the 24 1.4 GM would be hard to justify.

Would love to hear comments and help me make this decision.

Also would love to hear the best day-travel lens/combo that you guys use.

Thank you!

A7RIII test shot:

A7iii test shot:

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