G85 plus Pana Leica 100-400 ... shutter shock with mechanical shutter

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Re: G85 plus Pana Leica 100-400 ... shutter shock with mechanical shutter

Dave Lively wrote:

If you are seeing the blur at 1/2000 shutter shock is the not the cause. It shows up in the 1/60 - 1/320 range, not faster or slower. The range varies from camera to camera and some lenses are more susceptible but I have never heard of it showing up at 1/2000 in any camera with any lens.

I have found the EFC in my G85 to be just as effective as the electronic shutter in eliminating shutter shock with none of the drawbacks. I have the camera set to use EFC all the time. There must be some drawback compared to the mechanical shutter but I have never noticed one.

Are you shooting though a glass window? Since you have had good results with other cameras I am guessing not but it never hurts to ask.

I have shot through a window with mixed results, but this morning's shots were open air. I agree that the 1/2000 result is peculiar. I'll have to test both mech and E shutters at various speeds to see if I can properly characterise the issues I'm getting.

Thanks for the input. The thread in general appears to be confirming that the G85 mech shutter absolutely can cause issues at this focal length. It is interesting how many video reviews exist with nary a mention of the issue ...

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