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R2D2 wrote:

dimvou wrote:

I am trying to photograph some birds in flight and I am using my dslr in manual mode setting manually shutter speed and aperture and living iso in auto.

I set also metering mode to spot but the photographs most of the time tend to be underexposed for the bird and exposed for the sky. I am able to recover the shadows afterwards but I lose most of the details of the bird. Is there a way to have consistent results of the photos exposure in camera ?

Shoot in Full manual mode for consistent exposures...


I'm with R2 on this one.  I use full manual all the time for BIF.  Metering off grass, I set the EV at minus 1/3rd of a stop cos it's darker than mid-grey.  Unless the light is changing, that EV should give good exposures.

In auto mode the dark background here would have caused the bird to be over-exposed.  It all happens too quickly to add Exposure Compensation, so as long as the light on the bird remains the same, you can stay in Manual.

S-E Owl

Backlighting is best against darker backgrounds.  Against a bright sky the correct exposure for the bird gives a burned out background.

Marsh Harrier

I adjust the shutter speed if required as the aperture is normally fully open.

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