I have the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary..is the 1.4x teleconverter worth getting?

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Re: I have the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary..is the 1.4x teleconverter worth getting?

Monica727 wrote:

Thank you...that is helpful. If I were to consider upgrading the camera, what model would you suggest?

I wouldn't. The sorts of upgrade available to you are:

1 Move to full frame. Apart from the expense this immediately reduces the reach of your lenses so it's obviously a non runner.

2 Move to a higher spec APS-C camera. Again, pretty expensive and the higher specs are more about convenience of control than other things. Yes a, a D500 will focus better in all kinds of conditions; but at (FF focal length) 1260/9 it's unlikely to be much good.

The fact is that unless you spend a fortune on lenses that are natively longer than 600mm you've reached your limit.

I do like Nikon. I have been happy with the d3400, and I don't have a huge budget (the lens pretty much maxed me out on what I had planned on spending), but if I find I really want that extra reach, and want to be sure the AF works well, can you make a suggestion?

You've already read and replied to Chris's post so you are aware of the problems inherent in shooting at very long distances. I find it hard to believe that anything longer than (in FF terms) 900mm will be of any value.

But if you are determined to try anything longer I think your best approach is to buy a small sensor superzoom camera. In most circumstances they are a long way behind bigger-sensor cameras but this is the one situation where they can offer advantage.

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