G85 plus Pana Leica 100-400 ... shutter shock with mechanical shutter

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Re: G85 plus Pana Leica 100-400 ... shutter shock with mechanical shutter

Kim Letkeman wrote:

So I'm really suffering here ... I have birds nesting next to a window and have some lovely images shot last spring with various lenses on my Nikon dSLRs ... and was salivating over the ability to shoot them with the G85 and 100-400 this year.

But the results have been poor. I run the shutter on auto, which usually means mechanical shutter in good light I find. And I get inexplicable blur on shots in full sun at 7.1 and 400mm with low ISOs ... I bump shutter to 1/2000s and it does not go away.

I'm pretty worried that I have to take the lens back and just shoot with my older 100-300, which has no such issues.

Thoughts? I have to get to work and will post samples later ...

EDIT: I experimented with the EFC and E shutters ... the results are better. I think the E shutter is giving excellent results. But I don't really like using only the E shutter. Should I really care if I have to use the eshutter? I just remember the old days when it knocked your raw down to 10bit etc ... not sure how it affects the G85.

IIRC e-shutter on the G85 does reduce the bit depth.  I use EFC on my G85 all the time and have had zero problems with blurred shots with my 100-400.  Can you post examples, Kim?

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