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There's definitely gap in that range (300mm). And I know there's only 100-400mm. I wouldn't even mind a 400mm prime. I'm considering Sigma 150-600mm but I'm not sure whether an adapted lenses are a good option hence my main question.

Keep in mind if you go with a non-Fuji lens you will require a lens adapter and also only be able to focus manually. I'm not sure what you would intend to use the telephoto lens for, just wanted to make sure you considered that in your decision process.

With the Fringer adapter everything works on a Fuji camera. That means metadata and AF-S and AF-C and off course manual. as well as aperture and IS.

So if you already have many Canon EF lenses it might be something that can be of interest.

However that is  poor mans solution in many cases. The AF-S often works quite well and fast. It varies a lot between different lenses how well and exact it nails focus.

When it comes to AF-C it mostly works much worse that a Fujinon lens.

I have tested all my Canon lenses including my latest lens, 85/1,4 IS. In total 10 lenses.

It is a workable solution to use Fringer XF-PRO adapter but it doesn't work like a Fujinon lens. They are often a more modern construction and the AF works so much better.

I intended to give up Canon totally and sell all my lenses. Today you get very little for these lenses.

So to make the best use of these lenses I bought a second hand Canon 5D MKIV and the lenses works of course very fast and exact on that camera.

It definitely works better in dim light than my X-H1 and X-T2. I will up-grade when I can buy a X-H2.

I mainly shoot with Fuji cameras but sometimes the Canon gives me advantages. For instance in dim light.

The Fringer adapter I use very rarely. I have all the lenses I need for Fuji and they honestly work much better on a Fuji than any Canon lens.

The Canon EF lenes on the other hand works perfect on a Canon dSLR.

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