Best acrylic face mount options

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Re: Best acrylic face mount options

There are a hand-full offering acrylic face mounts here (New Zealand) but they are more in the sign-writer / add on service category, ie probably not gallery quality. There are some bespoke printers but none that I can find that do face mounting. There are some in Australia which would save a bundle in freight but I would probably still be faced with import duties, customs fees, and gst (goods and services tax) payable on imports. The freight price to get a 20 x 30" AFM from Nevada is nearly the cost of the print (and I want bigger than that), add that to the print cost will be more than the average kiwi earns in a week in NZ dollars. And that's just for one. I do like the look of Lumachrome though. Local would definitely be easier. I don't want to start laminating myself, the cost of getting one here would probably be even more costly than the prints and I couldn't afford failures on Trulife acrylic. Good thought though. I have requested a freight price from Whitewall (Germany). I don't know if Whitewalls process is RA-4, and I would prefer to know what their acrylic is, which they have not disclosed to me even though I asked.

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