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CMCM wrote:

dwfrommonterey wrote:

A big factor in the keeper ratio is whether the photographer is pushing into unskilled territory, or doing something which is well known.

A second factor regards what kind of shot is being pursued. A really skittish bird? Or a rcommon, human tolerant bird, but hoping for a special "pose"? That's a lot of losers.

I try lots of stuff with my P900 that doesn't work. I do pretty well to get one pic I really like out of 100.

I can get great BIFS with my DSLR, but I've yet to get one I'm happy with using the P900. It just doesn't lock onto the target and track well enough, I guess, and you need more sophisticated settings than the P900 offers to shoot BIFS. I keep trying, though. You never know...ideal light conditions, a slower moving bird and I might get lucky.

I have limited experience and correspondingly limited success in getting even decent BIF images. Last summer, before I got my P1000, I used my B700 exclusively while vacationing at the ocean. I made several attempts to get BIFs using different approaches. First, I tried using Shutter Priority thinking that a fast shutter would capture a crisp image. What I forgot was that the camera might compensate with higher ISO values. Sure enough, images were just OK and noisy.

Example of using Shutter Priority

I had better results by going to Scene > Sport where the camera takes a series of shots to capture motion.

Example using Scene > Sport

Finally, there was my personal favorite, Lucky Shot. In this case, I took a single image in P Mode. I noticed this group of brown pelicans, led them a little and pressed the shutter as they appeared in the EVF. A classic case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn.

Lucky shot using P Mode

In terms of the number of images needed to get the three posted here, 60+ shots were taken. Even then, I have no qualms about admitting that none of these images are great although the last one might be considered acceptable.

Like CMCM, I'll keep trying.

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