Best pixel quality ?

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Best pixel quality ?

I post over here once in a while, and I usually make it clear right off the bat > my dream camera is the D850 (in spite of the fact I'm kind of stuck with Canon for the time being)

Now, my primary concern / goals, are to make really BIG but of course, aesthetically pleasing prints, that can be pixel peeped from 6 inches. To that end, I really have no choice but to stitch images, especially with my old (beloved) dinosaur, the Canon 6D.... but even if I could afford a D850, 46mp's is not even close to what I want either (100-300+mp's) so Id still be having to stitch to make big enough images anyway. Granted, it would take fewer images, which might be a little less work.... But not much, as Id still have to go through all the same steps. Maybe Id just be doing more 3 x 4's instead of 6 x 8's ?

Anyway, this morning I started looking more closely at 100% crops from the D850, and I hate to say it, but I'm not terribly impressed. Yes, I totally get the part about how they compare to other smaller MP camera when sized down, but that is not really important for my purposes. I was actually surprised at how well the pixels of my 7yr old 6D looked at 100% compared to the D850 ?

Long story short, if I'm going to be stitching as many images as I need to make as large of files as I want anyway, should I be looking at another, lower MP camera, which makes noticeably cleaner pixels ? ...... along with a Gigapan pro to waay more easily stitch 12 x 12's ... or more ?

What prosumer camera (say $6K or less) do you think makes the cleanest pixels ?

PS, for those rare times when I must take a shot in one frame (wildlife and such) Id still love to have a D850. I know it could still make nice (little ) 30 x 40's

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