Low light increase in XT3 worth upgrade?

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Re: Low light increase in XT3 worth upgrade?

I think you have to consider the mirrorless camera AF and how a dSLR works.

I have run into problems shooting weddings and baptising in Swedish churches. Often these are held in old churches and they have very small windows. It means that they are dark even during the day. I very often use OFC flashes to improve the light. No priest have had any objections so far.

I often shoot with one X-H1 and a Canon 5D MKIV and there is a huge difference.

I mostly have the 16-55/2.8 on the Fuji and a 85/1.4 IS on the Canon. I use the same Godox flashes for both cameras. One Godox F trigger on the Fuji Camera and one Canon Trigger for that camera. I use one AD 200 and one 685.

My settings would normally be manuell and shutter speed 1/125 and mostly F:2.8-5.6. Sometimes I of course need more DOF. I have several persons in the frame and want to get them all sharp. So I set the aperture to F:8

This is where the different systems differ.

If I go to F:8 the Canon will just set the AF and no problem measuring at the open aperture. With the Fuji the AF starts hunting and can't get any focus.

What I have learned uses the mirrorless cameras the working aperture when they measure focus. There seems to be a slight difference between the different brands exactly how it does it.

Well if I shoot in a dark church with F:8, AF stops working even when I use flashes. It is below the EV level. It measure at F:8 so the sensor and AF points don't get enough light.

The Canon camera still measure at full aperture and have no problem.

This seems to be similar with all mirrorless cameras.

In winter the the there is often clouded were eI live and weak light and I want to take pictures of my crazy flat coated retriver running he Canon work but the Fuji doesn't. I have to shoot at 1/2000 to freeze this dog and mostly on full aperture. The Canon nails it but the Fuji X-H1 or X-T2 doesn't. Presumably also not the X-T3.

X-photo in good light

Mirrorless cameras works differently when it comes to AF. It is a weakness to have the AF on the sensor. The dSLR systems are just better under these conditions.

I have no problem with the X-cameras to set the focus in good light. However it doesn't work very well in low light. It is not the same as a dSLR cameras in all areas.

The mirrorless have many things that makes me prefer them I mainly shoot with my Fuji cameras. However they have also weaknesses and that is why I still also have a Canon dSLR. Weak light is one of these areas.

Canon 5D MKIV in low light

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