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A couple of years ago, without knowing that the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV was coming out in about a month, I purchased the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III. I already had the RX100 with the shorter reach, and this RX10 III seemed like the realization of an impossible dream. I've really enjoyed both of those cameras, however, I'm thinking of upgrading both cameras ~ to the RX100 with the 200mm lens and the RX10 IV. I see that you have both, can you tell me if one or both of those has a touch screen? I think these Sony's are fabulous. Can you tell me the advantages of upgrading mine to the next generation? B&H doesn't offer a lot in trade in value with the two I've already got. But, I can afford to take the plunge if it's worth it. Also, I think it's speculation, but do you think the RX 10 V, or the next generation of the RX100 is coming out in 2019? I'd hate to get a couple of new cameras and have the next generation come out in another month. We are going on a trip to Alaska's Inside Passage in August, 2019. If I'm going to upgrade, I'd like to do it in July so I can practice. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I don't take photos all the time, but I LOVE taking great photos of our adventures.


I had the RX10iii for 2 years and loved it. I upgraded to the RX10iv about a year ago. While I never had any focus issues with the M3, the M4 is very much improved and is especially useful when your subject is moving.

The M4 touch screen is poorly implemented and pretty much only functions to select a focus point. After too many nose selections I turned it off. It is much easier to focus, keep the shutter half way and recompose before firing the shot.

It is a terrific travel camera.

Thank you for this insight. I'm wondering what to do with my RX100M4 and RX10M3 as I upgrade. B&H doesn't offer much. I could give them to family members, but no one is into photography enough to understand or appreciate them. Right now, B&H is a better idea than letting them go unused in my cabinet. That would be a waste, and a few hundred dollars is at least some offset on the cost of the new ones. Any thoughts?

I tried in vain to sell the camera to fellow camera club members. So, reluctantly, I sold it to my local camera store (Cardinal Camera). I got less than I had hoped for, but probably what I would have netted selling it on eBay after all their fees.

You can always try eBay.

KEH will be happy to quote you as another option.

Thanks for the KEH advice.  I’ll contact them.

Our nephew asked me to help him select a camera about six months ago.  He’d seen me, since he was a baby, taking photos and wanted to do a little learning.  His budget was $300/$400.  I did research and found the best one for him based on his needs.  It turns out, he never took the plunge and bought it.  Yesterday, I told him about my Sony RX100M4, that it was an excellent camera with a steep learning curve, that I would give him if he wanted it.  He’s absolutely thrilled.  I might have finally found a family member who gets into photography.  Fun!  So I’m ordering the M6 this week without any funds from the M4, but I think it’s worth the investment!  Now I’ll contact B&H and KEH about the RX10 M3, and when I can afford it Ill sell the M3 and purchase the M4.

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