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Since I got an Apple (I hate to admit but the first one was about 6 years ago), I've kept the photos in the order in which they were taken, in Photos the Apple program. I don't edit them because I don't like the Apple editing abilities. And, I have looked at Lightroom, but I really don't want to have to learn all that. So, I don't know how to manage these images. Yes, I find them in the Finder under Photos, or with the Photos link at the bottom of the screen.

Most important for this question, though, is this ~~ Which Apple laptop is best for going on an expedition, and backing up photos of the day? I have a MacBook Pro, but it's too heavy and large to take on an expedition.

I shoot JPEG with my Sony's which have lots of megapixels (compared especially to my original Canon G4). I think I have a 2T hard drive back up on my current MacBook Pro. I keep all my photos on the Pro and on the Porsche external hard drive.

It looks as though the MacBook Air holds 1.5T of photos. That's not big enough for me to use to combine all my photos. I had thought I'd find a new, light computer that I'd only use for photos. I had hoped to combine all my photos from the old external hard drive on my Dell, with the photos on my MacBook Pro, and any additional photos in the future. But, I now admit that this is only possible in my imagination. So, I guess I want to get a small laptop that I can download and organize my photos on before putting them into the existing MacBook Pro and the external hard drive back-up. Does that make sense?

What do you think is the best way to get the photos from the camera or card onto the Apple laptop?

Easiest way: put the card from the camera into the slot on the computer. If your computer does not have a card slot then a usb card reader is cheap, like $10 cheap.

This new MacBook Pro has little ports and nothing for a card reader. So, based on your advice, I'll go to Apple and ask for a card reader that will fit into this newer computer. DUH! I should've known that. I just forgot what I was doing before.

Thanks for helping me get restarted in the photo/computer world. I'm trying to logically think of the best way to move ahead. Maybe I have two projects to look at. The one for backing up photos taken on excursions and the big one where all the photos end up. And then, the management question. Do you have a suggestion for a light hobby/travel photographer?

I shortened the above exchange and hope I did not exclude important issues/questions. -- When you have a camera with photos stored in it and want to transfer those images to the computer, What I do is connect camera to computer by a cable. I open the Mac OS application (which comes with the OS) called Image capture. Then I turn on the camera and the app image capture downloads all images from camera or only those I want to transfer to computer. The images will be in a file on the desktop. Then, you delete them from camera and do the same the next day. Lable the desktop file by date and each days shooting will be stored by date in a separate file on your desktop where you can sort through them and then move them to your photo file- (part of the generic filing system of the Mac OS.) A good inexpensive photo editing program is Affinity. It costs $50 and does all essential editing tasks, even RAW processing. Best of all, it has very understandable tutorials which you can view as you edit. Shoot both RAW and Jpeg. RAW will give you a better chance to save an image such as if it is over or under exposed.


Thank you for this information.  At this point, I'm taking notes and learning quite a bit.  I appreciate your taking the time.

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