1 inch sensors ? Yes please

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1 inch sensors ? Yes please

I have been shooting four-thirds/M43 for many years and until recently I considerd adding a 'cheap and cheerfull' Nikon D750 with a UW lens for lowlight situations.

But testing ( and ind the end buying) an Olympus EM1X made me reconsider:

98 % of my shooting style is easily handled by the four-thirds sensor and I have also been quite impressed by many photos taken by the Nikon 1 system.

This made me think about a possible niche product:

I hope that a frontline tech company (Huwaei/Samasung?) would offer 14 MP 1 inch BSI sensor better than current ones, for a camera with M43 mount.

The camera should have great IBIS, hi-speed shooting and AF comparable to fuji XT3/OMD1-mk2, and support tripod High resolution mode for 40 MP photos.

In this way I could use all my current lenses an get an additional reach (2.7 rather than 2) with a minimal loss if image quality compared to my M43 kit.

Another niche product:

A modern10 MP 14 bit BSI M43 sensor for a camera with great IBIS, AI signal processing, astro tracking and support for tripod High-res 40 MP shots.

Again I would be able to use existing lenses for lowlight shots.

Shooting action in low light will still be FF territory though.

I know these are vapor products in these times of shrinking camera sales, but what do YOU think?

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