Fornax Lighttrack II at 400mm and 6min

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Re: Fornax Lighttrack II at 400mm and 6min

hdwrx wrote:

I tried variety of options and settled for the Fornax wedge. Wanted something lighter (still open for ideas), as my goal has been to have a setup that fits in a carry-on, but the lighter options (smaller wedges, geared heads) have been so far too wobbly... I mean while adjusted they are OK, but during the adjustment the whole thing was very unstable.

Really enjoying this thread and your photos, thanks.

Did you by any chance try the William's Optics wedge?  It's marketed for the Sky Guider Pro and the Star Adventurer.  I was thinking about it, since I have a SGP, but wondered if the Fornax would work on it, as well.

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