Inconspicuous Rucksack

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Inconspicuous Rucksack

Hi - i have been using a lowepro slingshot and really need to change it.  it is a constant source of problems for me in terms of comfort, size (too small for my equipment), management and access to things etc.

I want to go down the route of using an icu - the small pro from f-stop looks like the bet option, but i am struggling for a backpack.

I do NOT want a camera specific backpack for a couple of reasons:

1. I think it draws attention to the fact that you are carrying expensive items inside

2. I dont tend to like the branding of them

3. They are generally much more expensive than other non camera specific rucksacks e


Based on this, are there any other members here that are using a camera icu with a normal backpack and if so are there any recommendations ?

Ideally it will be

1. Plain design and inconspicuous

2. Hold the icu well

3. Provide quick and easy access to the icu

4. Have some additional compartments that will handle cables, cleaning equipment etc etc

5. bonus points for some level of water resistance

I will mainly be out in urban areas or semi rural - no real hiking or extreme conditions will likely be met.

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