sorry...there were no super8 cameras with a turrent

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Re: sorry...there were no super8 cameras with a turrent

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There were 8mm and 16mm and 35mm cameras with turrents, but to my knowledge , no s8 camera was ever made with a turrent. If I'm wrong, I'd like to see it.

The Bolex H8 and H8 reflex came with a triple turret and were converted to DS8 in both Germany and the US.

if anyone had bothered to click on the link in my post, it was a recent dpreview article that said there were s8 cameras with a turrent. I mentioned there were 8mm, 16, and 35mm cameras with turrents, but there was never a super8 camera fabricated with a turrent, to my knowledge. And sadly I neglected double8 format, which still could be converted to a wideaspect ratio monster. But as everyone except flat earthers already know, film is dead. It is rumored there were a few prototypes of aaton s8, which would have been a pinnacle of sorts.

So an article made a mistake, thank goodness you saved us all from that misinformation.

Misinformation is a big problem now with the internet. Proof reading and doing actual research is going the way of the dodo. Thanks to sites like Wikipedia where anyone can edit the information, misinformation spreads like wild fire. I see multiple errors in spelling and actual information on DPR. Sometimes the author owns up to it and sometimes they don't (probably because they can't read the hundreds of comments left). But its important to let them know when they made a mistake so the information stays true.

In this case Super8 or not doesn't matter the article was about rotating lenses. It's not like anyone is researching past Super8 features on a digital photography forum. The mistake does not change the article one bit.

Plus... Super8 was only mentioned in the sidebar not in the actual article. Hundreds of comments? Out of 98 comments there is only one mention of Super8 being wrong.

But if you all feel better correcting people on the internet then get at it, you've got a lot of work to do.

maybe the russians made it all up lol...and the article wasn't about rotating lenses...all lenses was about a new turrent idea for an eos to emount adapter. It's not correcting people, it's correcting an information site, and one might think that the premier website for cameras might know alittle about camera history. How many other mistakes are lurking around.

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