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exb wrote:

Hello guys,

I would like to try macro photography but I completely newbie in this field.

I would like to know about your personal experience and thoughts.

First I am looking for a lens for Sony a7III.

I'm considering:

Sony 90 2.8 Macro

all looks cool but I worrying about not circular bokeh that someone reported and something that bothers me

Sigma 70 Art

looks cool too but focus distance is significantly smaller, and noisy AF that may spook wild insects.

Canon 100 2.8L

I already have an MC11.

Really good price especially I can buy used.

But I am worrying about AF performance since it is not a native lens.

Batis 40 CF

Not a true macro and also not circular bokeh.

Probably I should not consider it at all:) but personally, I do really like a color rendering from the Batis.

Also, I have a question about light.

I have a Godox AD200 flash,

should I consider to buy a flash ring or ad 200 could be enough?

or maybe there is some extension for the macro photography that would be good to buy.

Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome.

just for housekeeping.  Every lens has a macro capability the close focus. When I first started my 70-300 zoom lens was my macro lens.  I had to stand farther away but I did not have the funds for one.  If you want a 1:1 reproduction yes that is a specific designated macro lens

If you are shooting 2D subject matter like print from a book or really anything you can use close up filters. However this is optimal for 2d subject matter or flat surface stuff.  You can use it for anything just speaking optimal use.  These filters usually come in a set of 3. If you find it used buy it!

You can also buy used and rent gear first.  While you lose that money when we talk rental I would not buy something until you were sure or if money is not an issue.

For flash and lighting that is a whole other beast.  You have macro ring lights that can be a flash or LED

You have to consider subject matter.  Is this a insect or shiny jewelry.  You may also want to invest in a shooting table or tent you can light if the object is small and inanimate or just dead.... unless you like torture then nail the thing down,,, lol ...


I suggest google searching macro photography and check out Creative Live TV.com for classes.

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