Checking the fit for my chosen gear for upcoming trip to Italy.

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Re: This is why travelling is a pain

Professional or not, you want the best possible photos from a trip to an exciting and beautiful place. As I get older, these trips become "once in a lifetime" - I'm simply not going to get back there, so, while it may be that 99.99% of the time I've had no equipment problems, and 99,99% of the time the trip has gone off as planned, I still buy trip insurance.  I'm 73 and never had a car accident, yet I buy auto insurance - it can happen.

I made the switch from FF to m4/3 so that I can easily carry 2 bodies with a different lens on each. I never change lenses while walking/hiking. Both bodies are on a 2 camera strap and I just grab the one that has the lens that I want for a particular shot - simple. My backup equipment is my insurance policy against having to use my phone and, when I look at the results, saying to myself "I wish I shot that with my camera".  Phones are getting better and better, so for the average trip memory, or to share on the Web, they're fine. But, if you want to get a little closer, or a little wider, or blow it up to a large size, it's not so easy with a phone but really simple with a camera.

I think my backup equipment weighs no more than 2.5 lbs.  It gets packed in my carry on stuffed among some clothes. In other words, it's effortless to bring it and priceless if I ever need it.

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