Checking the fit for my chosen gear for upcoming trip to Italy.

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Re: This is why travelling is a pain

I have found that the best way to keep a traveling companion, in most cases my wife, happy is to give her a camera, as the OP does. She then complains much less about my stopping to shoot and she's an excellent photographer, although she won't admit it or learn any of the technical details. So, she carries a RX100m3.

As far as carrying backups, I've learned the hard way that it's necessary. They stay in the hotel safe, but they're there if needed. I had a body fail (dropped it) in Yellowstone National Park and a lens fail in France. I saw a photographer drop a camera and lens on a rock in the Galapagos. It happens no matter how careful you are, so having a backup in your hotel can make all the difference between going on and coming back with good images, or having to find someplace to buy a camera. In my case, since my main cameras are an Oly M1 and M1.2, one with a Panny/Leica 8-18 and the other with an Oly 12-100 Pro, the backup that spends its time in the hotel safe is an Oly Pen-F with Panny 12-35 and an Oly 14-150. It adds nearly nothing to the weight of my kit and is there if the worst happens. It's like buying trip insurance.

As far as tripods go, I find that the world is full of tripods: Lamp posts, fire hydrants, mail boxes, street signs, trees, etc. all can serve to steady your camera and you don't have to carry them around. When traveling with others, it's one thing to stop for a few seconds to take a photo, it's quite another to take the time to set up a tripod, and indoors in most public places, you can't use them. The IS in today's cameras is so good that a tripod is usually not needed except to take a photo of ones self.  Just MHO.

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