Has anyone tried the New Nokia 9 Pure View?

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yellodog Senior Member • Posts: 2,224
Re: Has anyone tried the New Nokia 9 Pure View?

Antioch wrote:

And how does it compare to the older Nokia 1040 and Nokia 808 PureView ?

I own the 48 pixel Nokia 1040 and it takes great video and images. Only downside is the image take about 5 secs to process in phone, so everything goes blank while it is doing so!

It takes quite a lot of time to process images as well but you can still do other stuff. You can take 4 or 5 images and let them process in the background but you can't take unlimited pics in a fast sequence because the camera app chokes at a certain point. Optically I would say it's better than the 808 but sometimes the results are unpredictable when it comes to merging the multiple images. The dynamic range is way better. And of course Android is a lot better than Symbian

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