Question on AF speed of the budget SEL50F18F

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Re: Question on AF speed of the budget SEL50F18F

YY101 wrote:

I am deciding between the budget FE 50mmf1.8 ($250) and the Sony Zeiss 55mm F1.8 ($1000). I am leaning towards the more budget 50mm f1.8 but the main thing holding me back is the widely criticized AF speed of the 50mm. However, according to Sony A9 website:

The SEL50F18 is capable of 20FPS on the A9. I only have the A7iii that does 10FPS but I do not need to shoot 10FPS, I just need fast and accurate AF ( up to 5FPS). So my question to owners of FE50mm f1.8, do you feel the AF is good enough on the A7iii for shooting small kids moving erratically? Would appreciate some feedback and user experience if possible. I tried the lens briefly in store on my A7iii and it felt pretty snappy. I could hear the AF motor but since I am used to loud AF motor on my Fuji 35mmf1.4, I think I could live with this annoyance.

I really would like to get the SEL50F18 if possible because then I can use the saving on a SEL85F18. This 2 lenses cost about the same as a SEL55F18Z. In fact, from the A9 link above, the SEL55F18Z is only capable of 15FPS max on the A9, so slower AF than the SEL50F18?!? How puzzling is this!

Many thanks in advance.

I was in the same boat as you. Watch Aron's video dedicated on this lens. You should be able to decide after watching this if the performance is satisfactory.

Btw I did get the lens.


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