Do you keep secret locations or images a secret?

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Do you keep secret locations or images a secret?

Just got back from a mix of some easily accessible locations to the outright bizarre, mega-cities and also places where there are no calendars being used. No paper and no general routines like weeks, no reoccurring Sundays - and also no age.

To share those strange locations could potentially make them less miraculous when the first busloads arrive - or my personal pet-hate - the Ovations of the Seas with 5000+ people looking at places like Komodo, because it is accessible by sea.

So in short: when the Lonely Planet shares "local secrets" online and via their book range, I feel mildly annoyed (but can see the attractions of course!) when those local secrets turn places into some world event with the usual clutter of social media fast-livingness, 50 likes, well done, time to move on. Neeeeeext .... after 5 minutes yesterday's news, but also searchable forever.

It made me wonder how people here feel about opening up the last resorts of places int he world - the Wanaka Tree here in New Zealand possibly one of those examples where a "secret" went all wrong.

So here's an image I took somewhere (feels odd already as I type this as my intention isn't to come across as a pompous ar**) where I wish people would not go, keep it to myself and hopefully the remoteness of the location might keep it that way for a while longer. (Just thinking of some Norwegian remoteness with 50 tripods lines up at dusk)

Fuji X-T3 14/5.6 1/680 (EXIF wrong re time of day!)

So my question is: do you guys here keep images locked up or is this a futile exercise in 2019? I haven't googled the image shown here, there is electricity going somewhere as there is a power pole on the left, but, no, this isn't easy to find. There are possibly millions of similar locations around the world, hence me choosing this image, but possibly not quite like this regarding the light and the sun.

Locking those images - you might or might not have - up is like sleeping with the most beautiful - "person" - under the sun and never going out to the local café with him/her/it (gotta be careful these days...) always locked up in the basement like a stolen Picasso.


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