Checking the fit for my chosen gear for upcoming trip to Italy.

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Re: Checking the fit for my chosen gear for upcoming trip to Italy.

You don't mention the purpose of your trip, so my coments may be completely off base and all of this is just my opinion, which may not be worth much. That said, even though m4/3 is smaller and lighter than other equipment, you're still bringing an awful lot of equipment. If your trip is for sightseeing purposes, I'm not sure why you're bringing all of that. For my travels to Europe and other places, I bring 2 bodies (Oly M1 and M1.2): One has the Oly 12-100 Pro and the other the Panny/Leica 8-18. That's the lot. The one exception was a trip to the Galapagos where I also brought a 3rd body and the Oly 75-300 for distant wildlife and flying birds. I never change glass when out and about so for whatever I saw, I just grabbed the body with the right lens and took the shot.

For Europe, where I'm going again next month, it'll just be the 2 bodies and lenses that I mentioned above. Of course, extra batteries are a must, but they don't take up much room. (Truth be told, I do bring a 3rd body (PenF) wrapped up in some clothes in my carry-on bag - it stays in the hotel and is there just in case one of the M1s fails).

As for flash, why do you need that? Many places won't allow you to use it and even if they do, the results won't be nearly as nice as if you used natural light, plus it will annoy other people. Again, not knowing the purpose of your trip, this comment may be totally off base.

I use a BlackRapid strap that holds the 2 bodies and lenses and carry no backpack or other case when out of the hotel. Yes, that makes me look like a tourist, but I'll look like that anyway and can walk around, enjoying the sights and grab whichever body/lens is right for a photo op that I see. I've seen pros trying to swap glass and drop a lens and I've done that myself in the past, so the only time I'll do that is in the car or hotel where it's safe. But, with the 2 bodies and lenses, I cover the FF range of 16-200mm, so almost never need to swap.

Another point, if I'm sightseeing, I certainly want to capture great images to bring home, and I assume that's what you want to do as well, but I also want to enjoy the experience of being in a unique, beautiful and possibly historic place. IMHO, too much gear can cause you to focus on your equipment and not the place you're in.

Have a great trip.

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